Across the Geelong/G21 region there are more than 50 organisations running at least 99 programs that provide emergency food assistance to men, women and children in need.

These are just the organisations we know of – we believe there are more. Many of these organisations are run by volunteers. Many of these organisations are run on a small budgets.

Each year the Feed Geelong appeal raises funds to provide organisations like these in the Geelong/G21 region with grants to increase access to nutritious food for those most vulnerable in our community. The 2017 Feed Geelong Small Grants will provide up to $5,000 to help organisations improve food supply and access to nutritional food. Specifically grant funding can be used for:

  • Kitchen and storage infrastructure (e.g. cupboards and storage containers, refrigerators, freezers, trolley, food processors, kitchen equipment)
  • Minor capital works projects (building out a food pantry, installing shelving, building a cool room)
  • Programs that prepare and deliver food and/or support the development of nutrition knowledge and food preparation skills to those experiencing food insecurity
  • Transportation of food (e.g. funding toward refrigerated vehicles or trailers, fuel)
  • Nutritious and culturally appropriate food (e.g. meat, dairy, fruit and veg ) when it is unable to be sourced through donations.

The 2017 Feed Geelong Small Grants will open on Monday 28 August and close at 3pm, Monday 25 September. All information related to the Feed Geelong Small Grants will be available here. For further information regarding the 2017 Feed Geelong Grants, please contact us.