Every Thursday throughout July, cafes around Geelong are taking it in turns to host ‘Soup Kitchen Thursday’, raising valuable funds for Feed Geelong.

Every Thursday throughout July (between 12pm – 2pm unless sold out), you can grab a wonderful bowl of soup and a slice of La Madre bread for only $7. All soup and bread are generously donated to ensure that 100% of soup sales proceeds will go directly to Feed Geelong.

Can your cafe host a Feed Geelong Soup Kitchen? Register your interest here!


Interested in holding your own in-house Soup Kitchen?
Host your own Soup Kitchen anytime throughout the year! What a great way to bring everyone together and see who in your team are the best cooks!

We’ll set you up with your Feed Geelong Soup Kitchen donation kit (including soup bowls, lids and spoons), just let us know how many team members you have and what date you’d like to run your Soup Kitchen! Register your organisation here.

 For further information, please contact Feed Geelong on 5229 4364 or email feedgeelong@givewhereyoulive.com.au.


Thanks to everyone for supporting Soup Kitchen Thursdays during July 2018. We look forward to sharing with you the final amount raised that will go directly to the Feed Geelong Appeal.

With thanks to La Madre Bakery for their incredible donation of bread throughout the entire campaign and to our participating cafes for the donation of soup, all proceeds will support those in our community going hungry.


Thanks also to these workplaces for holding an in-house Soup Kitchen with their team!


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