Posted on September 20, 2017 in News

Thanks to your Feed Geelong donations, Diversitat is ensuring that culturally appropriate food can be provided to asylum seekers living in the Geelong region.

In 2016, Diversitat recieved a $5000 Feed Geelong (Small) grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation to support their Asylum Seeker Food Bank.

What’s more, this Food Bank became a space for almost 120 asylum seekers to connect with others, exchange information about how and what to cook (including working with unfamiliar foods) and provided a place where asylum seekers could increase their confidence in using English.

As one visitor of the Asylum Seeker Food Bank said:
I appreciate the Diversitat Food Bank very much. I am very grateful I can come each week and collect fruit, veggies, and ingredients I can buy to cook similar meals to what I was able to eat back home. Despite the uncertainty I face, I know every week I will have enough food.

 This really helps alleviate some of the worry I face. After paying rent and bills, there is very little money left to afford food, especially food that is culturally appropriate to me, even with the SRSS payment and money earned from my casual work. It would be very hard for me to buy these items from the supermarket, especially getting the same quality.

 The main dish in my home country is rice, lentils and beans, all ingredients which Diversitat allows me to access. It is so important, and means so much for the people in my community to be able to access these ingredients, so they can eat food familiar to them. It’s also been really good being able to be able to see a case worker at the foodbank. It makes me feel less alone. I find it a lot less daunting asking for assistance at the foodbank than I do seeingsomeone at the office. I can come and not only access food, but get support with other things.”

With the aim of addressing Geelong’s food insecurity crisis, funds raised during the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Feed Geelong Appeal will go directly to providing grants to assist those organisations working within the Geelong Emergency Food Relief System, while also drawing attention to the crisis on our doorstep.

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