Posted on October 11, 2016 in News

barwon-child-youth-familyThrough your 2015 Feed Geelong donations Barwon Child, Youth & Family was able to provide food assistance to some of those most vulnerable in our community, including young people ages 12-25 who were at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Barwon Child Youth & Family received a $875.45 Feed Geelong grant  to purchase shelving units to store non-perishable food in its Youth Services area. Improving the storage capacity of organisations and programs was one of six recommendations outlined in the 2014 Food for Thought report that could assist the food assistance system in being more efficient and effective.

Increased on site storage for non-perishables meant that when a young person came into the Youth Service offices who hadn’t eaten for days or was a risk of running out of food, they could access food quickly and easily. Ben* is one example of a young person who was helped. Ben was sleeping in his car and on occasion couch surfing at various associates houses. He had no current Centrelink payment, so no income to support himself and his basic needs. Ben was able to get groceries that he could consume without the need to cook or use of heat by attending to attend the Youth Services office or contacting his case manager. This allowed him to access like muesli bars, bread, Weetbix and long life milk providing some food security while his circumstances were being addressed by his case manager.

*not his real name