Posted on October 11, 2016 in News

PrintThrough your 2015 Feed Geelong donations, Geelong Food Relief Centre was able to improve the quality and quantity of fresh food available to those in need of food assistance.

The Geelong Food Relief Centre operates two mini-marts which distribute food to those experiencing immediate and chronic food insecurity. The Centre received $4,000 towards the purchase and installation of an additional cool room to store nutritious perishable food including fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy.

Individuals experiencing disadvantage have an increased risk of chronic disease, they are more likely to be overweight or obese, have heart disease or type 2 diabetes. As a result it is important to provide the best food possible to improve their physical health. This includes nutritious food like fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat. The installation of a new cool room at the Centre resulted in a 100% increase in the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy products. The demand for this kind of food routinely outstrips supply, but increased storage of this kind of food has allowed the Centre to meet more of this demand.

In the 2015-16 year the Geelong Food Relief Centre distributed 37% more food overall than the previous year through its two locations (North Geelong and Geelong CBD). The cool room funded in part by a Feed Geelong Grant was important to the organisation’s infrastructure and ability to provide more food, including fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy.