Posted on October 3, 2016 in News

secondbite-vanThrough your 2015 Feed Geelong donations SecondBite made sure that high quality surplus fresh food was not wasted.

A critical element of their ability to rescue and distribute this surplus fresh food is their two Geelong Vans. These vans both pick up surplus food from producers/suppliers and deliver this food to organisations, agencies and programs delivering food assistance. SecondBite received a $5000 2015 Feed Geelong Grant to fund the fuel costs of their two Geelong vans, enabling each van to collect and redistribute over 300,000 kilograms (30 tonnes) of high quality fresh food each month for 108 community food programs providing 600,000 nutritious meals for disadvantaged families, children and young people in Geelong and surrounding region.

The supply of fresh food is important to the effectiveness of the overall food system. SecondBite’s direct delivery service builds the capacity of local support agencies to create valuable social inclusion opportunities, increasing engagement between agencies and their clients, and promoting community harmony and participation. The number of local food donors, and volumes and variety of fresh food donations to SecondBite (meat, dairy, eggs, fruit and vegetables) has increased year on year, to now 62 food donors.

With 6.8% of the Geelong community identified as being food insecure ( Community Indicators Victoria – state average is 4.6%) food insecurity is a significant public health issue. All of SecondBite’s work is in direct response to requests from agencies for nutritious fresh food for their vulnerable clients, who suffer from homelessness or are at risk of losing their tenancies, suffering addictions, living with a disability, are aged, socially isolated or suffer from  food insecurity and hunger.

Agencies have noted that SecondBite’s service enables them to improve the health, wellbeing and social inclusion of their vulnerable clients, which they otherwise cannot provide for their clients or community. SecondBite estimates that as a result of their rescue and redistribution 10,000 people in Geelong have regular access to high quality fresh food that they otherwise cannot afford for their families and that an additional 5,000 children in disadvantaged families have increased access to fresh food for their meals.